CESMA-Customer Experience & Social Media Analytics

Master di II livello in
Customer Experience &
Social Media Analytics

Testimonianza aziendale - Big data - Accenture case history

Testimonianza aziendale di #AccentureAI oggi al #Mastercesma.

Argomenti presentati da #FedericoLaschi,Big Data Chapter Lead, in presenza di #AlessiaDeMartino, Digital Business Integration Analyst.

Big Data and Data Visualization (with Power BI tutorial, Memory DB, DW Appliance, Big Data Query and Processing)

Service Design and Use Case presentation(Real Time and Fast Access,Advanced Analytics)

Service Design Execution (with Prototyping)

La giornata di oggi termina con la testimonianza aziendale "Racing Data Analytics for Ducati Corse" di Marco Pizziol, Data Scientist Principal at Accenture Applied Intelligence presso Accenture AI .

Input reconstructions: Anomaly Detection, Absence Hold and Saturation detectors.

Features Extraction


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